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you’ve ever came across folks like this…some may have been your friends before, or maybe they are now, but GET OUT THAT SHIT. there is so much more than that. I smoke, i drink, i do drugs, YES. but i don’t take the shit and be all omg i love nature and people and be all OMG PLUR and not follow any of it. these people I have known like this really just are repulsive to me now. there is so much more to life than what they would ever know. but anyways folks like this:

whose everyday routine is to get together, sit on their asses, and talk about other people to feel better about themselves and because in reality they couldn’t keep a REAL, meaningful conversation if they wanted to. and btw, if they all think the same..then some of them aren’t really thinking..are they no, they’re just following. so all those supposedly free spirits who believe in love and peace and all that good stuff, should stop being the root of freakin evil or just stop posing.

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